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Stairway scaffold tower - Aivenos statybinė technika

Stairway scaffold tower

Stairway scaffold tower
Custers Hydraulica B.V. developed an extensive range of aluminium stairway scaffold towers for professional use. High-quality aluminium materials used for this application guarantee a very long life cycle.
These aluminium stairway towers come in a width of 1.3m and they are available at a length of 1.8m or even up to 2.5m. A maximum load of 200kg/m2 applies to all types of stair towers.

Custers Hydraulica B.V. offers a choice of aluminium zigzag and parallel stairway towers, and of aluminium staircase scaffolds (for the stairwell) and scaffolds for use at construction carcasses. All of Custers® aluminium stairway scaffold towers allow for safe and easy movement while carrying materials and/or tools.

Various types of stairway scaffold towers


  • Working height up to 14m indoors and up to 10m outdoors
  • Work platforms at every 2m
  • Length 1.8m or 2.5m
  • Width 1.3m
  • Non-slip wooden platform floor or lightweight synthetic flooring
  • Available with rubber or synthetic mobile scaffold castors
  • A safe way to go up while carrying tools


  • Working height up to 14m (indoors) and up to 10m (outdoors)
  • Zigzag construction allows quick access to the upper work platform
  • Length: 1.8m or 2.5m
  • Width: 1.3m
  • A safe way to go up while carrying tools
  • Non-slip wooden platform floor or lightweight synthetic flooring
  • Rubber or synthetic scaffold castors

Staircase scaffolds

  • Variable working heights, ideal for working in awkward spaces
  • For safe work above stairs
  • Length 1.8m (a 2.5m variant is being developed)
  • Width 0.7m
  • Carrosply wooden platform floor with non-slip surface
  • Base frame has four adjustable scaffold supports
  • Guaranteed stability from wall support and outrigger


  • Can be erected in stairwells up to a height of three floors
  • Length of the stairway 1.8m
  • Width of the stairway 0.7m
  • Height of standard stairway up to 2m
  • Height of extra stairway 0.75m
  • Durable, suitable for intensive use


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