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Scaffolding accessories - Aivenos statybinė technika

Scaffolding accessories

In addition to a wide range of aluminium scaffolds, Custers Hydraulica B.V. also offers a vast selection of scaffolding accessories. Whether you’re looking for a scaffolding offering weather protection or an anti-climb protection against unwanted visitors Custers is the right place to find.

Anti-climb protection

Anti-climb protection can be installed on all of Custers® scaffoldings. These aluminium plates deny access to unwanted visitors.

Aluminium stage

Custers® aluminium stages are ideal for crossing obstacles in places where scaffolding can’t be erected.

Toeboard accessory Health and Safety regulations prescribe the use of sideboards on every scaffold. Together with a toeboard accessory, a toeboard ensures that tools can’t fall down your work … Scaffolding tarpaulins
The tarpaulins for the aluminium scaffolds are easily and quickly installed. The tarpaulins are scaffolding accessories serving to protect the aluminium scaffolds..
Aluminium scaffolding trolley
The Custers aluminium scaffolding trolleys are the optimal solution for transportation and storage of complete rolling scaffolds. The scaffolding trolley can easily transport your .
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