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Aerial work platforms manuals: Aivenos statybine technika

Aerial work platforms manuals

Telescopic boom lifts: Airo

Airo SG1850-J service manual
Airo SG2100-J service manual
Airo SG1850-J electric scheme
Airo SG2100-J electric scheme

Telescopic boom lifts: Dinolift

Dinolift trailer mounted:

Dino 120T,
Dino 135T
Dino 180T
Dino 230T

GenieGS-30.Manual.Aivenosstatybinetechnika: Custers

Scaffolding manual eng.

Aerial work platforms: Genie

Electric powered scissor lifts manuals:
Genie GS1530, GS1532, GS1930, GS1932
Genie GS2032, GS2632, GS3232
Genie GS2046, GS2646, GS3246
Genie GS2669 DC, GS3069 DC, GS4069 DC
Genie GS4047

Genie GS1530/GS1532
to SN 59999, GS-1530 (PN39529)
SN 60000 to 75999, GS-1530 1532 (PN96315)
from SN 05A-76000 to 10A-109999,GS-1530 1532 (PN 97384)
from SN 05B-76000 to 09B-98941, GS-1539 1532 (PN 97384)
from SN 08C-101 to 11C-9999, GS-1530 1532 (PN97384)
from SN 10A-110000 to 15A-141945, GS-1530 1532 (PN 229145GT)
from SN 11C-10000 to GS3016C-23999, GS-1530 1532 (PN 229145GT)
from SN GS30C-24000 to GS30C-24457, GS-1530 1532 (PN 229145GT)
from SN GS3014D-101 to GS3016D-6079, GS-1530 1532 (PN 1264204)
from SN GS3014D-101 to GS3016D-6079, GS-1530 1532 (PN 1264204)

Genie elektrinių keltuvų detalių katalogai:
Genie GS1530
Genie GS1532
Genie GS1930
Genie GS1932
Genia GS2032
Genie GS2632
Genie GS3232
Genie GS2046
Genie GS2646
Genie GS3246

Stiebinių Genie keltuvų specifikacijos:
Genie GR12, GR15, GR20
Genie GR20J, GR26J
Genie GRC12


Žirkliniai keltuvai
Haulotte Optimum 6 until 2004
Haulotte Optimum 6 from november 2004
Haulotte Optimum 8 until 2004
Haulotte Optimum 8 from november 2004
Haulotte Compact 8 – 2032E
Haulotte Compact 8 – 2032E from december 2004
Haulotte Compact 8 – from november 2000
Haulotte Compact 8W – from november 2000 until 2004
Haulotte Compact 8W – from december 2004
Haulotte Compact 8DX
Haulotte Compact 10 until november 2000
Haulotte Compact 10 from november 2000 until december 2004
Haulotte Compact 10 from december 2004
Haulotte Compact 10N – Compact 2632E
Haulotte Compact 12 – Compact 3347E
Haulotte Compact 12
Haulotte Compact 14 specifications
Haulotte Compact 14 parts manual
Haulotte Compact 12DX – Compact 3368RT
Haulotte H12SDX
Haulotte H12SX – HS3388RT
Haulotte H15SDX
Haulotte H15SX – HS4388RT
Haulotte H18SDX
Haulotte H18SX

Teleskopiniai keltuvai
Haulotte Star10
Haulotte HM10P
Haulotte H21T(X)
Haulotte H23T(X/P/PX)
Haulotte H25TP(X)

Teleskopiniai-alkūniniai keltuvai
Haulotte HA12IP – HA33JE
Haulotte HA16P(E/N/X) – HA46JRT
Haulotte HA18PX – HA51JRT
Haulotte HA20RTJ
Haulotte HA26P
Haulotte HA260PX



Keltuvų katalogas Ang.


Teleskopiniai krautuvai

Manitou MLA 628 Series 3 E2
Manitou M230-B428D
Manitou M230-B365D
Manitou M 230, 430, 240, 440, 250, 450 CPCPSPLPXL 4-Spd (SN M2300546, M240332, M2500264, M4300288, M4400372, M4500252 & above, 16496
Manitou M230,430,240,440,250,450,M2300545,M240331,M2500263,M4300287,M4400371,M4500251,M230G0150,M24
Manitou M 230, 430, 240, 440, 250, 450 Hydrostatic (SN M230H0330 & above, 165043 & above) Parts Manual B365D
M 230, M 430, M 240, M 440, M 250, M 45032 4-Speed Rough Terrain Vertical Masted Forklift Parts Manual B238D
Manitou MLA 628 Series 3 E2 (Tier II)
Manitou MLA 628-120 LSU PS Series 3 E2 (Tier II) Articulated Telescopic Handler Parts Manual 547866P
Manitou MLA 628-120 LSU PS Series 3 E2 (Tier II) Articulated Telescopic Handler Parts Manual 547866PD 02-07
Manitou MLT 526 Series A Telescopic Handler Parts Manual 547777PD
Manitou MLT 627 MU Series B E2 (Tier II) Telescopic Handler Parts Manual 547884PD


Priekabos tipo keltuvai

UpRight TL49 serijinis numeris 1001+

Dyzeliniai žirkliniai keltuvai
Upright X27RT, X33RT serijinis numeris 10131+

Elektriniai žirkliniai keltuvai
Upright MX19 serijinis numeris 50870-53195


DK3 MK25
DK8 JR10-12 Junio
DL18 og 21
DL19 og 22N
DL25 og 30
DL25 og 28N

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